Mania Nudel Holocaust Learning Center

You will enter the MNHLC through the copper barnyard doors, donated by Sylvia and Mort Kalin. The doors illustrate the barbed wire fence that surrounded the camps.  Once inside you will see that the back of the doors represents a rail car that transported Jews to the concentration camps.  A highlight of the room are the stained glass windows, refurbished and backlit, representing the fire and flames of the Shoah.  The windows were dedicated in 1989 by Claire and Sam Schwartz.

The MNHLC will be the home of the Anne Frank Annex, the only one of its kind in South Florida.  The Annex will capture through extensive research the actual space where the Frank family lived in hiding, portraying the furniture, accessories, and the beautiful tree outside of Anne’s window with precise authenticity.

The MNHLC will use modern tech to highlight lessons learned from the Holocaust, as well as lessons, highlighting contemporary issues.  Unique curriculum depicted in 10 lessons are featured on 10, 5’ monitors.  In addition, three virtual reality experiences have been created of scenes and accounts of the Holocaust. A genocide screen will show in real-time where atrocities continue to take place in the world.

Artifacts collected throughout the 32-year history of the MNHLC will be highlighted on a permanent wall constructed of railroad ties.   Featured on this display will be a Torah scroll rescued from the province of Moravia in Czechoslovakia during the Holocaust.  The scroll is on permanent loan to the JCC from the Memorial Scrolls Trust, based in the UK. FOR MORE INFORMATION CLICK HERE

An outdoor Garden of Peace and Reflection, with a Reflection Pool with the inscription Never Again written in Hebrew will be a space for contemplation and renewal.  The garden will house an original sculpture by Susan Miller, Am Yisrael Chai, and four benches for seating.  The garden will be framed by a landscaped fence.  Our long-term goal is to work alongside our special needs participants in GibU to create a butterfly garden, further creating a peaceful and reflective environment.