The George Gottlieb Holocaust & Jewish Education Program

 In the words of George Gottlieb: “The JCC Holocaust Learning Center is a living testimonial to the horrors that were endured by the Jewish people.”  30 years after that statement George Gottlieb’s children wanted to carry on their father’s mission by creating The George Gottlieb Holocaust and Jewish Education programs in his honor.  The goal of these programs is to create dialogue which recognizes and honors those who made choices to save lives at the risk of their own as well as inspire a new generation to use these lessons as a guide to build an informed and active community.  The programs are designed to be viewed and taught in the Mania and Max Nudel Holocaust Learning Center as well as taken out to different location to broaden our community’s understanding of the lessons of the Holocaust and how it links to our current times.

The basic curriculum includes eleven lessons. The topics are depicted on ten monitors as well as three virtual reality experiences with scenes and accounts of the Holocaust.  After viewing the topics visitors/participants will be engaged in conversation that encourages reflection of the history and its relationship to their own experiences.


The topics covered are:

1,000 years of Antisemitism in Europe - Dedicated in memory of our ancestors and all who perished during the Holocaust by the Konhauzer Family

Provides an orientation to the Mania Nudel Holocaust Center, its mission and vision. After a brief overview, it will lead into a description of one thousand years of antisemitism in Europe.

Nazi Rise to Power1933-1938 - Dedicated  to the memory of our parents and grandparents by the Brumer and Bernstein Families

Offers participants insight into the main events leading to the Nazis' rise to power, beginning with the ending of WWI and the signing of the Treaty of Versailles.

Nazi Oppression, 1939-1944- Dedicated to remember that the past ensures our Jewish future by Dr. Sam & Audrey Meline

Explores life in the ghettos, resistance and the methodology utilized to bring about the greatest killing fields in the history of the world. Participants recognize the various ghettos and the six death camps as they are built and beyond. 

The Final Solution - Dedicated to our children  and grandchildren; may they never experience such inhumanity by R’ Dr. Leon and Toni Weissberg

Delves into the etymology of the Final solution.

Resistance - Dedicated in loving memory of our parents, Martha and Leib Blumenfeld and Felicia Caldes, Holocaust Survivors by Frieda & Raymond Caldes and Family 

Describes the types of resistance which occurred during the Holocaust in the face of Nazi oppression. 

After the Holocaust - Dedicated by Herbert E. Brizel, M.D.

A Global View: Depicts the diverse experiences of Holocaust survivors in Europe, Israel, the United States, South America and other places where survivors settled. Participants can identify the events of liberation as both soldiers and survivors experienced them. 

Genocide: A Global View - Dedicated to the adage; "Never Again" by Laurie and Lenny Suskind

Defines and identifies the stages of genocide in the late 20th and 21st centuries. Participants learn about the major genocides that have occurred in the world, both before and since the Holocaust. 

Racism, and Unbridled hate, Pre and post-Holocaust - Dedicated in loving memory of our grandparents, Eli and Rosalind Schneider by Wesley, Jessica, Seth and Russell Suskind

Focuses on identifying Holocaust denial and revisionism by Aryan hate groups and discusses American literary influences on Hitler's racist dogma. 

Activism and Advocacy: Lessons from the Holocaust - Dedicated by Hon. Ron and Cheri Rothschild

Lessons from the Holocaust: Gives examples of what one can do when witnessing a hate crime or hate speech. It identifies those involved in hate crimes as bystanders, upstanders, perpetrators, collaborators and victims. 

Anne Frank and the Anne Frank Annex - Dedicated in honor of our granddaughter Aria Elisabeth by David and Lisa Kasten

This topic is unique because it elaborates on one particular account of the Holocaust - that of Anne Frank, through her diary and historical records. Participants engage in an emotional, memorable learning experience, as the events of Anne Frank's life in the annex unfolds. 

Testimonies – Dedicated to the Memory of the 11,000,000 -  Dedicated to the memory of Evelyn and Joseph Greenblatt, Parents of Susan Gad Schwartz and Grandparents of Jason, Jeffrey and Josh Gad

Dedicated to the Memory of the 11,000,000: Testimonial videos have been recorded from Holocaust survivors in our community

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