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Lifelong Learning Institute

The Nova Southeastern University Lifelong Learning Institute (LLI) and the David Posnack JCC are pleased to announce an educational partnership that brings classes sponsored by the LLI to the Center this fall.
-Topics are humanities-based, university-level and include history, politics, art, literature, music, science and more.
-Professors and other experts lead the lectures.



October 18-December 13 | Wednesdays from 10:00-11:15 a.m.
Includes eight classes (No class on November 22)
COST: $15 per class or $80 for 8-part series

For information call 954.434.0499 or email

To register, visit

Fall 2017 Lifelong Learning Classes

Classes are on Wednesdays from 10:00-11:15 a.m. at the JCC

October 18, 2017— 1946 Committee of Inquiry on Palestine and Refugees with Charles Zelden, Ph.D.
A discussion of the joint British and American committee that was assembled in Washington in 1946 to examine
political, economic and social conditions in Mandatory Palestine as they impacted the issue of Jewish immigration
and the well-being of the people already living there.

October 25, 2017—Customs & Manners of Japan with Freya Homer
The Japanese word "kata," means the "way of doing things,” the ethical and moral standards of the Japanese
measured in terms of their knowledge of and adherence to a minutely detailed, stylized etiquette. This prescribed
way of form and order for every action is now threatened by the influence of Western ideas and customs.

November 1, 2017—Strangers in the Land: Nativism in America with Vincent Toscano, Ph.D.
A discussion of “nativism” in America from the 1780s–2017. In America there has been discrimination toward
groups of people including Catholics, Jews, Italians, Chinese, Germans, Poles and Irish and, today, Muslims.

November 8, 2017—Police Interrogations, Miranda and You with Elaine Cohen, Esq.
Learn the background behind the famous Miranda case and all the rules police officers must follow before a
suspect’s confession may be admitted at trial from the primary professor of law for Broward Police Academy.

November 15, 2017—Famous Legal Trials—The Rosenberg Trial with Stephen Singer, Esq.
Join former criminal defense attorney, Stephen Singer, and delve into the sensational spy case of the 1950s
when this husband and wife couple were accused of delivering the secret of the Atom Bomb to the USSR in the
midst of the "Cold War"… executed for this treason. Were they even guilty?

November 29, 2017—Emotion, Music and Film with Adam Fraum
Come join a discussion of how music and scores affect the emotional aspect of films for movie goers. Imagine
Jaws without the sound! Examples of films and music will be shown.

December 6, 2017—Hail to the Chiefs in the Sunshine State with Sylvia Gurinsky
Florida has been a popular vacation place for many occupants of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Some have had
family here. Some have called the Sunshine State home. Sylvia Gurinsky will discuss the history of presidents
(and some near-misses) in Florida. Hear about military and political battles, legacies and memorable moments.

December 13, 2017—History of Discrimination in South Florida with Seth Bramson
Today South Florida is multi-cultural, cosmopolitan and diverse. In the past though, there was rampant, overt
discrimination against many groups including Jewish people and blacks. This talk will include a display of the
signs, booklets and brochures from the days of exclusion of blacks and Jews from restaurants, private clubs

LOCATION: David Posnack Jewish Community Center | 5850 S. Pine Island Road, Davie
COST: $15 per class or $80 for 8-part series
Cash, checks made out to NSU-LLI and credit cards accepted at the door or checks may be mailed to:
NSU Lifelong Learning Institute • Attn: Linda Maurice • 3301 College Avenue • Fort Lauderdale, FL 33314
and hotels.

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