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Cultural Arts Supporters

DPJCC Arts Society 2019-2020
We sincerely appreciate this year's Arts Society members. Without their support, our cultural arts programs would not be possible. 

Ronnie & Rachel Antevy Precision Skin Institute
  Drs. Mildred & Walter** Padow* 
Beverly S. Bachrach*+ Alana & Jonathan Rapp/ 
Abbe & Steven Becker*+      Sterling Group Foods*+
Marissa & Kevin Feig*+ Shuham & Shuham
David & Monica Genet Laurie & Lenny Suskind *+
Davia & Jim Mazur* Barry Alan Wilen/
 Barbara Senfeld & Allan Tucker      Diane & Barry Wilen*+
Lisa K. Bennet/ Dr. Sam & Audrey Meline
    Fischler & Friedman, P.A. The Alfred & Rose Miniaci Foundation, Inc.
Janie Berman & Amy Berman/ Neiman Marcus Fort Lauderdale
    Landmark IV Realty O'Connell & Goldberg Public Relations
Linda & Charles Brumer/
     Hollywood Discount Drugs
Robert Pomerantz, MD*
Jay & Rebecca Cohen Kevin & Carrie Riggott & Family
Lynda & Stuart Farber Schatzman & Hovanyeca, P.A.

Dr. Jay & Cheryl Frost & Family

Cindy & Wally Schneider
Lori & Mitch Green Mele & Joel Schneider
Eddie & Phyllis Greene Denise & Mark Sherman
Mary Haskins Anne, Jeff, David & Eric Sopshin
Cheryl & Neal Hochberg*+ Elaine & Alan Spitzer
Johnson, Anselmo, Murdoch, Burke, Piper & Hochman, P.A. Robert Taddonio & Carol Tucker Taddonio
Adina Kadin Realty/
     Adina & Lee Kadin
Hillary & Sam Waksman
Kim & Barry Lerner Dr. Wendy H. Weiner/
     Principal of Conservatory Prep Schools
  Zedeck Family Foundation
judy appell designs, llc Dr. Sheldon & Lynda Levin
Beth & Brad Besner Janie & Ira Libanoff
Bunny & Dick Blattner Randy & Marta Paul/
     Lesser & Company Public Insurance Adjusters
Vicki Carmichael Ava Phillips
Doris & Steven Dolchin Debbie Piotrokowski
Debby Eisinger Sherri Poliakoff
Lea Epstein Toni Radler
Ivy Feinstein Amy Rosenberg*+
Amy & William Freund Lily Rosenblatt
Genet Property Group/
     Dorit & Ben. Genet
Chery & Ron Rothschild
Raisy Gittler/ A Lighter Touch Therapeutic Massage, Prepare For Surgery, Essential Oils Julie Schulman Slann & David Israel
Karen & Bruce Gottlieb Rhonda Small/ 
     Heather, Randy, Evan & Reese Gilbert*+
Randi K. Grant Judy Spatz
Terry Greenhawt Ellen & Salo Sredni
Sheryl Greenwald Amy Stolberg
Susan & Steven Kass Ellen Wwacher
Las Olas Chemist Lynn Wolfson

List current as of November 13, 2019
*2019-20 JPillars donor
+3-year Cornerstone JPillars donor

DPJCC Arts Society 2018-2019
We sincerely appreciate this year's Arts Society members. Without their support, our cultural arts programs would not be possible. 

Ronnie & Rachel Antevy Israel Bonds
Abbe & Steven Becker*  
Marissa & Kevin Feig*+

Toni & Robert Radler/
   Glenn's Greenery

David & Monica Genet Susan & Paul Suid
Davia & Jim Mazur* Laurie & Lenny Suskind *+
  Venture Capital Service-Yaniv Offir & Family
Adina Kadin Realty/Adina & Lee Kadin Dr. Sam & Audrey Meline*
Barry R. Alter, M.D. O'Connell & Goldberg Public Relations
Beverly S. Bachrach*+ Robert Pomerantz, M.D.*+
Becker & Poliakoff/
   Marta & Bernie Friedman
Alana & Jonathan Rapp/
   Sterling Group Foods*+
Janie Berman & Amy Berman/
   Landmark IV Realty
Kevin & Carrie Riggott & Family
Linda & Charles Brumer/
   Hollywood Discount Drugs
Amy Rosenberg*+
Doris & Steven Dolchin Cindy & Wally Schneider
The Drobner Family Merle & Joel Schneider
Lynda & Stuart Farber Monique & Michael Shafir
Dr. Jay & Cheryl Frost & Family Denise & Mark Sherman
Karen & Bruce Gottlieb Caryl & Marty Shuham
Lori & Mitch Green* Michele Singer/Tasteful Thoughts, LLC
Eddie & Phyllis Greene Anne & Jeff Sopshin*
Johnson, Anselmo, Murdoch, Burke, Piper & Hochman, P.A. Elaine & Alan Spitzer
Ted Klamentz Hillary & Sam Waksman
 Krimsky Dental Barry Alan Wilen, P.A./ Diane & Barry Wilen*
 Janie & Ira Libanoff The Zedeck Family Foundation, Inc.
Beth & Brad Besner Debbie Piotrowski
Bunny & Dick Blattner Cheri & Ron Rothschild
Lisa & Steve Enfield Elaine & Marty Schwartz
Raisy Gittler/A Lighter Touch Therapeutic Massage, Prepare for Surgery, Essential Oils Barbara Senfeld
Dr. Sheldon & Lynda Levin Julie Schulman Slann & David Israel
Marta & Randy Paul/Lesser & Company
   Public Insurance Adjusters

List current as of January 18, 2019
*2018-19 JPillars donor
+3-year Cornerstone JPillars donor

Patrons of the Arts 2017-2018

We sincerely appreciate our Patrons of the Arts from this past year’s cultural arts season. Without the support of the individuals and corporations listed below, our cultural arts events would not have been possible. Become a supporter now and help ensure our continued success

Visionary Benefactor
Robert & Kathy Klausner & Family* Dr. Herbert E. Brizel
Drs. Walter & Mildred Padow* Abbe & Steven Becker
  Glenn’s Greenery/
Partner   Toni & Robert Radler
Barry R. Alter, MD David & Monica Genet
Beverly S. Bachrach*  
Becker & Poliakoff/ Supporter
  Marta & Bernie Friedman Johnson, Anselmo, Murdoch, Burke
Robert Pomerantz, MD*    Piper & Hochman, P.A.
Carol & Marvin Randell Lynda & Stuart Farber
Cindy & Wally Schneider Daniel & Stefanie Newman
Alan & Elaine Spitzer The Drobner Family
Laurie & Lenny Suskind* The Eisinger Family
Davia & Jim Mazur* Dr. Jay & Cheryl Frost & Family
Alana & Jonathan Rapp/* Sandi & Lanny Gelfand*
  Sterling Group Foods Ted Klametz
   The Konhauzer Family*
Season Ticket Holder  Dr. Sam & Audrey Meline
Beth & Brad Besner Riggott Family
Bunny & Dick Blattner Merle & Joel Schneider
Monica & Felix Braverman Shuham & Shuham
Linda & Charles Brummer/ Barry Alan Wilen P.A./
  Hollywood Discount Pharmacy   Diane & Barry Wilen
Doris & Steven Dolchin Zedeck Family Foundation
Scott, Ana, Brenden, Haley, Olivia & Joey The Green Family/*
Raisy Gittler/A Lighter Touch Therapeutic    Lori, Mitch, Heather & Jeremy
  Massage & Prepare for Surgery  Adina & Lee Kadin
Eddie & Phyllis Greene  Susan & Paul Suid and Family
Cheryl & Walter Katz Cheryl & Neal Hochberg*
Susan Malter & Alan Kitchman Barbara Senfeld
Marta & Randy Paul  
Amy Rosenberg*  
Cheri & Ron Rothschild  
Dr. Jonathan & Mrs. Carolyn Shapir  
Hillary and Sam Waksman  
Janie & Ira Libanoff  
*JPillars Contributor  
To become a member of the Arts Society call 954.434.0499, ext. 336. To become a JPillar or JLegacy call 954.434.0499, ext. 320.

Become a Supporter

To support the David Posnack JCC as a member of the Arts Society for the 2018-2019 season kindly click the button above to complete our online form contact Debbie Hochman, Adult Services & Cultural Arts Director.

For more information or questions, call Debbie Hochman at 954.434.0499, ext. 368 or email

For more information call  954.434.0499, ext.336 or email

​​​​​Our 2017-2018 Cultural Arts Sponsors

​​​Our 2017-2018 Cultural Arts Community Partners

Broward Public Library Foundation
Consulate General of Israel – Israeli House
Florida Broward Region Hadassah
Florida Israel Friendship League
The Friends of the Stirling Road Library
Goodman Jewish Family Services
Institute of Jewish Knowledge and Learning
Israeli American Council
Jewish Federation of Broward County PJ Library/PJ Our Way
Jewish Federation of Broward County Women’s Philanthropy
Jewish Federation of Broward County Young Leaders Division
Jewish National Fund
Nova Southeastern University Alvin Sherman Library, Research and Information Technology Center
Nova Southeastern University Lifelong Learning Institute
Orloff Central Agency for Jewish Education
Temple Beth Israel
Temple Etz Chaim
Temple Kol Ami-Emanuel
Women’s International Zionist Organization
Young Israel of Hollywood-Ft. Lauderdale