Hadar Goldin Art Show

Hadar GoldinHadar Goldin

February-March 2017

An Exhibit by Lt. Hadar Goldin, Israeli fallen Soldier killed during Operation Protective Edge held captive by the Hams.

Hadar Goldin (1991-2014)  was a talented Israeli painter who expressed his love of art and of life until his last day on the battlefield. On August 1, 2014, just hours after ceasefire had been declared during Operation Protective Edge, Hadar and his team were ambushed and killed in Gaza by Hamas terrorists coming out of an attack tunnel. Hadar's body was taken into the tunnel and has never been returned to Israel to his family. The inspirational exhibition was created in 2015 to share Hadar's spirit, humor, and artistic talent and to honor his memory. The exhibition includes sketches, paintings, drawings and photographs from Hadar's early childhood, his art studies in England and Israel, and his personal work during his military service. As Hadar's family notes, Hadar showed those who knew him how simple it is to love one another. He helped those in need and made it his mission in life to bring people together.


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