Patron of the Arts

Cultural arts is bursting with excitement at the David Posnack JCC. For the last several years our Patrons have enthusiastically embraced our book, film and music festivals.  We are poised to once again make this season's cultural arts programming the best in our JCC history,  and we are pleased to offer our Patron of the Arts supporters wonderful benefits, recognition and exclusive swag and perks throughout our three festivals.  

Whether we are presenting the greatest story ever told, a riveting and thought-provoking scene from an award-winning Israeli film or the beautiful melodies of a familiar song, we hope you will once again support the arts at the J. 
Our mission is to make you feel both comfortable and special as a Patron of the Arts, while providing wonderful programs to the JCC and community.  Please join us at our JCC for a joyous and inspiring journey that celebrates our Jewish heritage and culture.


To support the David Posnack JCC as a Patron of the Arts for the 2016-2017 season kindly click the button above to complete our online form or pick up a brochure to fill out and include your donation and return it to Debbie Hochman, Adult Services & Cultural Arts Director.

For more information or questions, call Debbie Hochman at 954.434.0499, ext. 368 or email dhochman@dpjcc.org.

Diane & Barry Wilen Jewish Book Festival
Author Tickets (per event) 6 4 2 2 2 1
Seated with Author at Women in Literature Event
Jewish Film Festival
Film Tickets (per event) 6 4 2 2 2 1
Jewish Music Festival
Music Tickets (per event) 6 4 2 2 2 1
Cultural Arts Series
JTalks (per event) 6 4 2 1    
Wine & Words (per event) 6 4 2 2    
Israeli Cultural Arts
Made in Israel Series (per event) 6 4 2 1    
Swag & Perks
Patron Meet & Greet Reception 6 4 2 2 2 1
Cultural Arts Special Events 6 4 2 1    
VIP Reception 6 4 2 2    
Reserved Seating (upon request)
in 1st row
in 1st or 2nd row
in Patron Section
in Patron Section
Autographed Book from JBF Events of Your Choice 3* 2* 1* 1*    
10% Book Discount
Video Ad/Message on Preview Screen at JBF, JFF, JMF Events
Full Screen 1/2 Screen 1/3 Screen 1/4 Screen    
Print (JBF, JFF, JMF)
*Total # of books for 2016-2017 JBF season
^For patron levels $1,000 and under the benefits meet or exceed the contribution and are not tax deductible
Benefits are subject to change

Patrons of the Arts 2015-2016

We sincerely appreciate the continued support of our Patrons of the Arts. The individuals and corporations listed below have helped ensure the success of this year’s cultural arts season.

Kathy & Robert Klausner

Abbe & Steven Becker
Glenn's Greenery/Toni & Robert Radler
Laurie, Len, Wes & Russ Suskind

Dr. Barry R. Alter
Aroma Kosher Market
Associated Financial Consultants, Inc./Associated Investor Services, Inc.
Sandi & Lanny Gelfand
David & Monica Genet
Karen & Bruce Gottlieb
Neal & Cheryl Hochberg
Davia & Jim Mazur
Drs. Walter & Mildred Padow
Marvin & Carol Randell
Mark & Denise Sherman
Anne, Jeff, David & Eric Sopshin
Alan & Elaine Spitzer
Barry Alan Wilen, P.A./Diane & Barry Wilen

Becker & Poliakoff/Marta & Bernie Friedman
Bienenfeld, Lasek & Starr
Dr. Herb & Nancy Brizel
Leslie, Larry, Max & Katya Greenberg
Johnson, Anselmo, Murdoch, Burke, Piper & Hochman, P.A.
Kevin, Carrie, Harrison & Hannah Riggott
Shuham & Shuham, P.A.
Sterling Kosher Catering

Lisa & Phil Baratz
Lesley & Gary Barron
Elyse Bauman & David Sigel
Lori & Marc Ben-Ezra
Lisa K. Bennett/Fischler & Friedman, P.A.
Beth & Howard Berlin
Beth & Brad Besner
Bunny & Dick Blattner
BNY Mellon Wealth Management/Mimi Bengio
Monica & Felix Braverman
Linda & Charles Brumer/Hollywood Discount Pharmacy
Becky & Randy Califf/Horizon Dental Care
Lucille & Herb Cohen
Janee Dodds & Elissa Levine
Doris & Steven Dolchin
Judi & David Drobner
Scott, Ana, Brenden, Haley, Olivia & Joey Ehrlich
The Eisinger Family
Lisa & Steven Enfield
Dr. Robert & Lorelei Ennis
Lynda & Stuart Farber
Iris & Bernie Feldman
Judy & Bernie Feldman
Theda & Jerry Feldman
Dr. & Mrs. Eric & Ellen Freling
The Frost Family
Genet Property Group/Dorit & Ben J. Genet
Raisy Gittler/Light Touch Healing Services for Women
Dr. Seth Goldsmith and Wendy
Benjamin Goldsmith
The Green Family/ Lori, Mitch, Heather & Jeremy
Phyllis & Eddie Greene
Isa Joseph & Barbara Lane
Lee & Adina Kadin
Susan & Steven Kass
Cheryl & Walter Katz
Nancy & Fred Katzin
Alan Kitchman & Susan Malter
Ted Klametz
Steven M. Klein
Elliot & Rebecca Lemelman
Dr. Sheldon & Lynda Levin
Janie & Ira Libanoff
Lundy, Shacter, Shulman & Kaplan, P.A., CPA
Dr. Sam & Audrey Meline
Daniel & Stefanie Newman
Marta & Randy Paul
Deborah & Joel Piotrkowski
Eugenia Rosen & Mike Alpert
Hon. Ron & Cheri Rothschild
Cindy & Walter Schneider/Schneider Realty
Dr. Joel & Merle Schneider
Elaine & Marty Schwartz
Dr. Jonathan & Carolyn Shapir
Michael & Susan Sofman
Judy & Mark Spatz
Stewart Family
Hillary & Sam Waksman
Weissman & Dervishi P.A./Jeffrey & Linda Weissman
Dr. Murray & Lila Zedeck

Batzi & Bill Berman
Melani M. Brewer
Ivy & Marvin Feinstein
William & Amy Freund
Georgie Stark Interior Design, Inc.
Heather & Randall Gilbert
Joseph & Laurie Huss and Family
Howard Kelrick
Byrna & Larry Klur
Karen Kriger
Dr. Charles S. Mandell
Robin Pearsall
Dr. Michael Roberts
Lily Rosenblatt
Illisa & Scott Sarbey
Sammy & Ibby Schulman
Julie Schulman Slann & David Israel
Lynne Wolfson


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