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Susan & Saul Singer Early Childhood Learning Center

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Preschool Email Update 5/8:

Dear Posnack JCC Early Childhood Families,

We hope you and your families are healthy and safe. We appreciate your support and patience during these difficult and challenging times. We wanted to share with you our back to classroom procedures as we plan to welcome you soon.

We have been busy cleaning and preparing the building for your return as we employ new policies and procedures to help keep you and your children be as safe as possible during this unprecedented time.

As we begin the Early Childhood Center back to classroom process, we recognize that in order to be successful, a strong partnership with you will make a tremendous difference in how we move forward with the new challenges that face us due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our teachers look forward to returning to the J to teach and care for your children in person. We have missed you all dearly!


We plan to open the Singer Early Childhood Learning Center in phases beginning on Monday, June 1, 2020. Our goal is to bring your children back to their classrooms for a few weeks before the school year ends and summer camp begins. The school year is extended through Friday, June 12 (originally the school year was ending on Thursday, May 28). Our intention is to open our summer camp on Monday, June 15. We feel a re-entry in phases will be the most successful for our staff and your children. The back to classroom plan in phases is as follows:


Infants, Cruisers, Little Walkers, Step Beyond Classes (Rooms 11,12, 16 & 7) on Monday, June 1

  • Almost There & Two Year Old Classes (Rooms 8, 9, 10, 13 & 14) on Tuesday, June 2
  • Three Year Old and Pre-K Classes (Rooms 1-6) on Wednesday, June 3

Our school and camp programs will change as we implement health and safety guidelines in accordance with the CDC, Childcare Licensing and our Florida Department of Children & Families (DCF).

The situation is fluid; updates and changes to these policies may occur.

Some of the immediate changes are:

  1. Pre-screening Staff and Children: Temperature checks, using a no-touch forehead thermometer, will be taken on all staff prior to them entering our JCC facility. Temperature checks, using a no-touch forehead thermometer, will also be taken on all children prior to removing them from your vehicle. Any child exhibiting fever of 100.4 degrees or higher will not be admitted to our Early Childhood Center that day and may not return until fever-free for a minimum of 24 hours. Any child who displays other visible symptoms of illness will not be accepted into school that day. This includes but is not limited to: coughing, sneezing, runny nose, rash, and lethargy. We ask that you err on the side of caution and be especially sensitive to all of our families and the possibility of contagion.


  1. Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures: Parents may NOT enter the school. We will implement a drop-off and pick-up process at all times at the front entrance of our school to limit the number of people entering the building. We ask that you adhere to those times. If it is necessary for you to drop or pick up at a different time, we ask that you call in advance and we will meet you outside to pick up or drop off your child. Once again, parents may NOT enter the building. Please note that in the past, early and late care were able to drop off and pick up at any time. Now, you will need to choose one of the times below.

 Staggered Drop Off and Pick Up Times

Please be patient with us as we now need to pick up and/or bring your child(ren) one vehicle/family at a time. We require that all parents (or guardians that are dropping off and/or picking up your child) wear a face covering during this drop off and pick up process. Because parents may not enter our building, we have designated drop off and pick up times as follows:

Drop Off Times:

  • 7-7:15am & 8-8:15am Early Care Drop Off
  • 8:45-9:15am Regular Drop Off Pick Up Times:
  • 12-12:15pm VPK & Half Day
  • 2:45-3:15pm Full Day
  • 4:30-4:45pm & 5:45-6pm After Fun 

Note - infant carriers, car seats or strollers are no longer allowed in the DPJCC facility.

  1. Children Becoming Ill in School: If a child begins to display symptoms of illness, including fever, coughing, sneezing, runny nose, lethargy, rash or other symptoms, s/he will be removed from the classroom. We will have a designated and staffed separate room for children identified with any signs of illness. Parents are required to pick up ill children immediately. We will call emergency contacts if your ill child is not picked up within 30 minutes. Parents need to call the school upon arrival, remain in your vehicle and we will bring your child out to 
  1. Hand washing: We will require children and staff to sanitize their hands as they enter our In addition, children will wash their hands many times throughout the day, including: entering classrooms, returning from the playground, before and after eating, and using the bathroom. Hand-washing has been and will continue to be a regular routine practice throughout our day.

    5.    Protective equipment:

  • Face Coverings - All faculty will be wearing face coverings, which cover their nose and mouth when in common areas of the building. This includes: drop off, pick up, hallways, playground, food preparation, feeding, diapering or bathroom assistance. They are encouraged to wear face coverings in the classroom at other times, but are not required to wear them by CDC or
  • Face Shields - In addition to face coverings, clear face shields will be worn by all staff handling the pick up and drop off of children. They will also be available for use in all of the classrooms.
  • Gloves - We will continue to follow the APPLE requirements regarding the wearing of non- porous gloves including: when in any contact with bodily fluids, feeding children and diaper changing.
  • Protective Clothing - Infant and toddler teachers will wear protective clothing over their clothes when holding, feeding and changing babies. Protective clothing will be available to all teachers for use as


Note: Children 5 and under are not required to wear face coverings. According to the CDC, face coverings should NOT be put on babies and children under age two due to the danger of suffocation.

  1. Class Size: Currently, class size is limited to a total of 10, including adults. Teachers and children are required by CDC to remain together as a 'cohort'; teachers will be assigned a single cohort of children. There will be no combining of classes for Early Care or After Fun. For classrooms which had more than the maximum number of children/adults prior, these classes will be split to comply. We will do our best to ensure that your child will remain with at least one teacher from this school year, however, teachers may also have to be split to accommodate classes as needed. We will reach out to you regarding these potential changes.


  1. Lunches: Sterling Catering will continue to offer a school lunch program. Menus will be posted online at ezschoolapps.com and emailed to you. If you paid in full for the lunch program, Sterling will apply your credit to the June lunches. Any remaining credit will be applied to next year’s lunches or refunded to you. You can also still send in from home a dairy or parve lunch with your child. The change in policy is that the lunch must be sent in a disposable paper lunch bag or large Ziploc bag; no lunch bags/boxes from home.


  1. Water Fountains/Water Cups: For health and safety, the water fountains will be closed and not available for use. Children will continue to send in a LABELED sippy cup for drinking use throughout the day. Cups and bottles will be sent home daily to be sanitized and sent 


  1. Naps/Bedding: During naptime, we will keep cots, mats and cribs at a minimum of six feet Bedding must be limited to a play-yard/porta-crib sheet for rooms 11, 12, 16 and a crib sheet and small blanket for all other children who nap. Bedding will be individually sealed in large Ziploc bags daily for all children who sleep on cots/mats. If the bedding sent in is too large to seal, it will be sent home daily to be washed and sent back the next day.


  1. Large/Whole School Gatherings: The same high-quality academic and play-based school day will continue for your children. However, there will be NO multi-class or whole school gatherings. All special activities WILL CONTINUE to take place, but instead it will be held in your child's classroom. This includes class specials such as music, movement, Jtech, yoga and Shabbat. Playground time will continue as well, however, we will limit the playground to one class at a time and will disinfect all playground equipment in between classes.


  1. Classroom/Facility Cleaning & Disinfecting: The rooms have been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized and we will continue to maintain the new cleaning procedures during the day and each night. The DPJCC is equipped with a professional Elecrostatic Sprayer which is used throughout the preschool and building every evening. The sprayer provides complete disinfectant coverage on all hard and soft surfaces. The disinfectant used is Bioesque Botanical Disinfectant Solution, a US EPA registered broad-spectrum disinfectant. It is safe to use in schools. Click here for more information on the on the disinfectant.


  1. Respiratory Symptoms/COVID-19 Case: Any child or staff showing signs of respiratory issues: coughing, tugging in the chest, wheezing or shortness of breath will be sent home and may not return for 10 days and must be cleared in writing by a medical professional. Parents are asked to contact the preschool within 24 hours of finding out a medical diagnosis.


If a physician has cleared a child to attend sooner, the medical professional MUST in writing state “That the child,            , was seen and evaluated for                              . The child does NOT have Covid-19 and is able to return to childcare without placing another child or adult at risk”. If any child or anyone in the home has been in direct contact with any person having a positive Covid- 19 diagnosis, it is required that the DPJCC be notified immediately. DPJCC will notify the Health Department and the school is required to close and be thoroughly sanitized before reopening. Parents will be notified immediately if this happens.


Please note, if you are uncomfortable with sending your child to school with these precautions in place, please do not return to school at this time. These precautions are in place to provide every effort to keep every child and family safe; however, this does not provide any guarantee of any kind. You will brequired to sign a waiver before your child(ren) return to DPJCC’s Singer Early Childhood Learning Center, which will be sent to you later this month.


We are doing everything in our power to keep every child safe during this time and working together during this time is important. We have worked closely with CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and Florida Department for Children and Families to develop our re-opening procedures. We are providing you the direct links to this information if you would like to read more.


Click here for the CDC Guidance for Child Care Programs

Click here for Florida Department of Children and Families Guidance for Child Care Providers



We have scheduled two “Back to Classroom” Zoom calls for Early Childhood parents on Tuesday, May 12 at 8:30am and 1pm to discuss our back to classroom plans and procedures. We encourage you to participate in one of these calls. Please submit your questions in advance to BRayman@dpjcc.org or you can submit your back to classroom questions in the zoom chats.

Please note that the purpose of these zoom calls is to review the Early Childhood Center’s back to classroom plans, policies and procedures, not to discuss your tuition accounts. If you have any questions on your tuition and account balances from this year, please contact Eileen Neidorf directly at Eneidorf@dpjcc.org or call her at 954-434-0499 x 344.

 Join the Tuesday, May 12, 8:30am Back to Classroom Information Zoom call https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86957801028?pwd=eDlSZGFIQUYxeVVST2NRaDhUVEJFZz09 Meeting ID: 869 5780 1028    Password: 8cmWHD

 Join the Tuesday, May 12, 1pm Back to Classroom Information Zoom call https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89980179742?pwd=b2xoK01mb2p1WndJaHZmT0lvQW1vZz09 Meeting ID: 899 8017 9742    Password: 6C0qvt

  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. We know that during these unprecedented times it is important to communicate and inform you of all of the health and safety precautions the DPJCC is taking.

Thank you for your trust and support. We hope your families remain safe and healthy.

Scott Ehrlich

Bonnie Rayman

Judith Rose

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Community Officer

Early Childhood Director


Preschool Email Updates 3/23:

Dear Preschool Parents,

First and foremost, I hope this note finds you and your families healthy. Secondly, I know there are a lot of questions and I hope that this message answers some of them. I recognize that our closure has significant implications for all of you and ask for your patience as we work thorough the challenges we are facing as a community organization. We do not take for granted that you choose to bring your children to the David Posnack JCC everyday. In a service-rich world, we know you can go anywhere, and are so inspired that you choose us as your community.

Tuition and Camp Payments:

As you know, our payments run on the 10th of every month. Our JCC operates on a budget of 10 million a year, or about $800,000 a month. The majority of our costs are covered by tuition dollars from preschool, after school, camp and membership dues. The reason we break down the yearly preschool tuition by month is to ensure that these payments are manageable for our parents and also to ensure that our staff can be compensated. It is our intention, at this time, to run the payment as planned on April 10th. For the majority of our parents, this is the final payment of the 2019-2020 school year.

Camp payments, which are normally processed on April 1, will NOT be charged at this time. The payment will be postponed for a future date. All future camp payments will be re-evaluated. We are hopeful that this summer will be better than ever and we look forward to welcoming your child/ren with big smiles and open arms!

For those who have been directly impacted during this unprecedented time (laid off or furloughed, at home with someone who is sick, in quarantine, etc.) the JCC is here for you. Please contact Eileen Neidorf for assistance.

Our Staff and Our Future:

What we know is that our staff will continue to serve you using all of our available resources, and we plan to continue to serve you after this is over and we are back together as a J family at our center.

As the CEO of this JCC, whether I know you personally or I just said hello in passing, I am committed to seeing this through. We are more than just a building and we are here for you, our youngest members, during these times. We thank you for your trust, your patience and your understanding.

Be well,
Scott Ehrlich
Chief Executive Officer, David Posnack JCC

Dear Preschool Parents,

I hope you had a nice weekend and that this email finds you and your families healthy.

This morning you received an email from me that had some incorrect information.
The previous email stated that we are going to run the April 10th preschool tuition payment, which would've been the final payment for the majority of our families. Please disregard that. Our intention at this time is to charge the final preschool tuition payment of the year on May 10th, 2020.

As we get closer, we will reevaluate this decision to determine the best course of action as circumstances provide. We will be in touch with you should anything change.

I truly appreciate your patience as we work thorough the challenges we are facing as a community organization.

Thank you for your trust and your understanding.

Be well,
Scott Ehrlich
Chief Executive Officer, David Posnack JCC

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The award-winning Singer Early Childhood Learning Center has amenities that are unsurpassed by other preschools. Our educational and recreational facilities include: 14 classrooms equipped with developmentally appropriate materials, state-of-the-art, age-appropriate indoor and outdoor playgrounds, a splash pad, a swimming pool, tennis courts, a media center, the JSmart Technology Center, the Flo & Hy Siegel Pan-to-Plate Culinary Institute, two gymnasiums for creative play and a professional-style theater/auditorium. Licensed, certified professional faculty use the JCCA Sheva framework of Jewish values as a guiding principle for curriculum development. Our security systems and procedures put parents’ minds at ease.


My name is Brittany Reese. As children, my brother, sister and I all loved going to preschool at the David Posnack JCC, so I was very excited that I was able to enroll my son Jace in the preschool program. Jace was nervous before his first few days of school, but the JCC staff made him feel comfortable every day. He is now in the 2-year-old program and is excited about going to school every morning - even on the weekends! The staff is remarkable, and I am so happy to have chosen the JCC for my son. I love the J!

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It is important that you are comfortable with our facilities and that is why we offer tours to our first time parents.  We know you will love all we have to offer and we are excited to show you all the exciting things your child will get to be involved in here at our Singer Early Childhood Learning Center.

Tours of our facilities may be scheduled: Tours are offered Monday through Friday.  All individuals must have an appointment to tour the preschool. No walk-ins please.

Contact the office to schedule your tour today! 954.434.7038 or email eneidorf@dpjcc.org.

Serving Broward County residents from Davie, Cooper City, Pembroke Pines, Hollywood, Plantation and Weston.

Ages 3-17 months

  • Year-round, month-to-month program.
  • Developmentally appropriate curriculum includes music, water play, indoor and outdoor play, storytelling and arts and crafts.
  • Children are grouped by development and mobility.
  • Housed in our early childhood learning center, the Infant Care Center offers a safe and loving environment for your child.
  • Infant maximum ratio – 1 adult - to - 3 children
  • Convenient & flexible hours for working parents.
  • Infant Care Center classes limited to 12 babies/toddlers.
  • View the 2019-2020 Early Childhood Brochure for school times & prices.

    The David Posnack JCC thanks the Jewish Federation of Broward County's Jewish Community Foundation for their generous funding of the Infant Day Care Center. 

Child must be 18 months by September 1, 2019.

  • Developmentally appropriate curriculum includes music, water play, indoor and outdoor play, storytelling and arts and crafts.
  • Toddlers learn beginning social skills and educational concepts, offering a wonderful preschool experience.
  • The half-day program option includes a snack and lunch.
  • Class limited to 12 students.
  • View the 2019-2020 Early Childhood Brochure for school times & prices.

Child must be 2 years old by September 1, 2019.

  • Developmentally appropriate curriculum includes science, social studies, water play, holidays, early math, language skills and Judaica, as well as drama, music and indoor and outdoor play.
  • This program encourages independence and introduces children to a child-centered school environment
  • Students learn through sensory exploration in an environment that encourages individual growth and abilities.
  • The half-day program option includes a snack and lunch.
  • View the 2019-2020 Early Childhood Brochure for school times & prices.

Child must be 3 years old by September 1, 2019 and must be toilet trained.

  • Developmentally appropriate curriculum includes early literacy, math readiness, pre-writing skills, music, indoor and outdoor play, library, art, science, computers, swimming and Judaica.
  • This program encourages independence and introduces children to a child-centered school environment.
  • Students learn through sensory exploration in an environment that encourages individual growth and abilities.
  • The half-day program option includes a snack and lunch.
  • View the 2019-2020 Early Childhood Brochure for school times & prices.


We offer the Florida State sponsored Voluntary Pre-K Program (VPK). The Singer Early Childhood Learning Center scored in the top 20% of the county for VPK readiness rate.

Child must be 4 years old by September 1, 2019 and must be toilet trained (no exceptions).

  • Morning VPK program (9:00 a.m. - Noon) offers experiences in early literacy, math readiness, pre-writing skills, music, indoor and outdoor play, library art, science, computers and Judaica.
  • Afternoon activities include music, creative arts, swimming, karate, yoga, computers, physical education and indoor & outdoor play.
  • View the 2019-2020 Early Childhood Brochure for school times & prices.

JSmart Tech Center!
Made possible through philanthropic funds from
Dr. Saul and Susan Singer
Posnack Family Foundation of Hollywood

Kids playing on Smart Table Children playing on iPads Child Playing on Smart Board

Flo & Hy Siegel
Pan to Plate Culinary Institute

Flo & Hy Siegel Pan to Plate Culinary Institute Girl cutting food in the Flo & Hy Siegel Pan to Plate Culinary Institute Culinary demonstration in the Flo & Hy Siegel Pan to Plate Culinary Institute

Feig Family Playground

Feig Family Playground Doors Feig Family Playground Equipment Feig Family Playground Overview