Giborim U Sunday Socials

Socialization plays a crucial part in Giborim U enrollment. Socialization develops social and communication skills. Participating in group activities and forming friendships are vital to having a positive outlook and a sense of belonging.

Sunday Socials are generally from 1:00 - 3:00 pm.  Participants will enjoy a themed social program and activities will take place on the J campus or off site.  Transportation to and from the J will be provided to off-site venues. 

Pre-registration is required one week prior to social. To register, contact at 954.434.0499, ext. 120 or rspevack@dpjcc.org 

Event Dates

  • December 16 - Holiday Party   Cost: $25
  • January 13 - Flamingo Gardens     Cost: $25
  • February 10 - Field Day for Heroes     Cost: $25
  • March 3 - Bowling     Cost: $25