Host Family FAQs


Do we need to be Jewish to be a Host Family?

Yes, all athletes must be housed in a Jewish home, meaning there must be one Jewish adult/parent living in the household, as defined per national guidelines.

Do we have to have a kosher home to house athletes?

No, while some athletes may require kosher homes, it is not a requirement.

How many athletes can we house?

You must house a minimum of two (2) athletes. Each athlete requires their own bed (air mattresses are acceptable).

Do we need to be a member of the David Posnack JCC to be a host family?

No, all Jewish families are welcomed and encouraged to host visiting athletes.

We don’t have a teen participating in the event, can we still be a host family?

Absolutely! All Jewish families are welcomed and encouraged to host visiting athletes. Even if your teens aren’t participating or you have younger children at home or you are an empty nester, help make a positive difference by becoming a host family.

May we go to the athletic events?

Yes, by all means. We encourage you to be an enthusiastic spectator at any and all athletic events. For security reasons, you must wear your official JCC Maccabi credentials for access to any of the venues.

What meals do we need to provide?

You will need to provide lunch and dinner on arrival day, Sunday, August 6 and dinner for Host Family Night (Date TBD), as well as breakfast each morning . 

Should we pack snacks for my visiting athletes?

Snacks and beverages will be provided at all venues by the organizing committee. However, feel free to stock up on your visiting athlete’s favorite snacks for them to enjoy when they return from the evening social activity.

We have be at work early in the morning – can we carpool or what is the process of getting our athletes were they need to be each day?

Yes, you can carpool for the morning drop off, but only with other credentialed Host Families, plus all drivers transporting the athletes MUST be 21 years of age or older and all vehicles MUST have sufficient seat belts for each athlete in the vehicle per national guidelines. You can choose to drop the athletes off at the hub site (DPJCC) as early 6:30 am or take them directly to their morning venue as early as 7:00 am. Pick-up from the evening social activity may only be done by a designated credentialed host family member (age and seatbelt guidelines remain in effect) as Delegation Heads can only release their participants to their assigned host family.

Do we need to give money to the athletes?

No, they should have brought enough money with them to cover all incidentals.

What if the athletes want to get together after the evening social activities?

Say no. This often can lead to problems. Each athlete has previously agreed, in writing, to adhere to the national Code of Conduct. Violations of the Code may result in expulsion from the event. Please contact your athlete’s Delegation Head and the Housing Chairs or Housing Hotline number if you have any problems with your visiting teens.

If we are hosting athletes from more than one delegation, do we need to come to the hub site (DPJCC) twice on Sunday for pick-up.

Most likely, the answer is yes. Much depends on the actual arrival times that day. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience and will do our best to keep this to a minimum, circumstances permitting.

Can we make a request about gender, age, athletes in a certain sport or delegation (domestic or foreign)?

Yes, but please understand that these requests cannot be guaranteed.

Can host families and their children attend any evening social events?

All host families and their children are welcomed to attend the Opening Ceremonies. Remember to wear your official JCC Maccabi credentials for admittance. All other evening social events are only open to the participating athletes, coaches and event volunteers and officials.

Once the athletes are done competing during the day, can we pick them up and take them home to rest or shower or to a movie?

No. All athletes are required to remain as part of the event throughout the entire day and at the evening social activity. Most of the athletes will be competing twice per day. Participants are encouraged to use the event transportation system to watch other competitions. Otherwise, they are free to hang out with other Jewish teens at Hangtime or use the DPJCC available facilities (swimming, etc). Showers for all athletes will be provided at the DPJCC and at some of the venues. Please remind your teens to bring a towel and change of clothes with them when they depart your house each morning.

What if athletes are eliminated from their competitions before Thursday – can they stay home?

No. Athletes must participate in the event whether or not they are actually competing. There will be scheduled “second sport” activities and Hangtime will remain available.

What do we do in the event of inclement weather?

Most events will occur – rain or shine. The outdoor sports may be affected with delayed starts, etc. Host families should bring their athletes to the hub site (DPJCC) regardless of weather. Evening social activities will go on rain or shine. Please call JCC Maccabi Central Hotline (number to be determined) if you have any questions concerning the weather.

What if an athlete gets sick – can they stay home?

Please call their Delegation Head to notify him/her immediately. We encourage you to bring the sick athlete to the JCC Maccabi Medical Central to be checked out by the medical staff or to rest there. If Delegation Head feels that the athlete would be best suited to stay in your home, he has the authority to make that decision. There will be a JCC Maccabi Medical Hotline (number to be determined) established to deal with any medical emergencies.

What do we do if our athlete loses their credential?

Contact the athlete's Delegation Head to inform them ASAP. Take the athlete to JCC Maccabi Central (room to be determined) where he/she will meet their Delegation Head who will begin the credential replacement process with event staff.

What do we do if we or someone in our family loses our credential?

Go directly to JCC Maccabi Central (room to be determined) and a new credential can be printed for you. For security reasons, please be sure to have valid photo identification with you in order to receive the new credential.

If I have more questions, how do I get the answers?

Please contact 954.434.0499 ext. 314 or email jccmaccabihousing@dpjcc.org