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Mania and Max Nudel Holocaust Learning Center

“The one who does not remember history
is bound to live through it again.”
~George Santayana

With every step the JCC journey is an awakening, a birth of the spirit, mind and soul.  Through the coordinated efforts of the David Posnack Jewish Community Center and the Rose & Jack Orloff Central Agency for Jewish Education, the Mania and Max Nudel Holocaust Learning Center provides:

  • Extensive Holocaust Library
  • Fiction/non-fiction library for circulation - adults and children
  • Reference Collection
  • Multi-media Collection
  • Lecture Series
  • Teacher's Workshops with Broward County Schools
  • Speaker’s Bureau
  • Continuous Exhibits, Displays and Photographs
  • Annual “Yom Hashoa” (Holocaust Remembrance) month of educational activities
  • On-line computer internet access to other Holocaust libraries and museums around the world

For additional information contact Debbie Hochman, at (954) 434-0499. ext. 368 or email