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Passover Seder To Go

Sterling Kosher Catering

Passover is just around the corner and although a lot can happen between now and then, you will still need delicious food for your Passover Seders. Sterling Kosher Catering has put together a delicious to-go menu with all the staples. Please find the menu below. Or click here to view an image. 
Order Deadline: April 1

Call: 954-680-4787 
Email: LMiano@sterlinggroupfoods.com 
Free delivery available for orders over $200.

Passover Seder To Go Menu: $55 per person (under 10 people) or $45 per person (above 10 people)
$10 extra per person (if you want to add a second entree)

Grape Juice | Matzah | Seder Plate 

Appetizer (choose 1): Chopped Liver or Gefilte Fish

Soup (choose 1): Chicken Matzah Ball or Vegetable

Entree (choose 1): Chicken Marsala or Brisket of Beef or Teriyaki Salmon or Grilled Vegetable Tower

Served with Sweet Potato Kugel and Vegetable Medley

Dessert platter included

Passover A La Carte

-Israeli Salad: $9 per lb
-Tuna Salad: $10 per lb
-Cucumber Salad: $9 per lb
-Egg Salad: $6 per lb
SOUPS (By the Quart):
-Chicken Matzah Ball Soup
(4 matzah balls per qt.): $11 
-Vegetable Soup: $7

-Gefilte Fish (4pcs): $10
-Moroccan Tilapia (8oz): $8
-Pan Seared Salmon (8oz): $8

POULTRY (1/2 pan 9x13):
-Chicken Marsala: $65
-Apricot Glazed Stuffed Chicken Breast: $70
-Grilled Chicken Breast: $70
-Roasted Whole Chicken (cut in 1/4): $65
-Chicken Francese: $65

BEEF (1/2 pan 9x13):
-Brisket: $130
-Boneless Beef Short Ribs: $140
-Meatloaf: $110

SIDE DISHES (1/2 pan 9x13):
-Grilled Vegetables: $45
-Tzimmes: $49
-Mashed Potatoes: $45
-Roasted Potatoes: $45
-Roasted Mushrooms: $49
Assorted Dessert Tray (12" Tray): $75