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JCapital Projects


Splash PadThe Wonders of Water Play!

Splash Pad - $120,000The benefits for children of playing in and with water go far beyond just cooling off in hot weather. Water play fosters learning in many developmental areas. Kids expand social and language skills and emotional development as they communicate and play cooperatively together. Physical development, i.e., hand/eye coordination, gross motor skills strengthen as children pour, squirt, squeeze, run and hop in water. The splash pad for the J will benefit children of all abilities and their families in so many ways. The grant requires matching funds, and we must raise an additional $200,000 by June 30, 2017 to keep the dream of a beautiful new Splash Pad alive. We have already raised $120,000, so we're almost three-quarters of the way there!

Additional Splash Pad Benefits

  • Provides safe water play/no standing water
  • Advances problem solving skills
  • Great sensory activity
  • Improves math concepts
  • Provides calming effects
  • ADA compliant

Please – click here to help us meet this goal.


Turf Field RenderingThe Turf field stadium project will provide a state-of-the-art field that will serve soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, flag football and softball/baseball. The field will be surrounded by a running/walking track as well as stadium seating and lights. It will attract youth and adults from all over as we will be one of the only South Florida community centers with this type of field.

Also, as part of the project we will add four lit tennis courts that will give us a total of nine courts. We will be able to host USTA tournaments and increase our tennis academy and adult leagues.

We will also add three more soccer fields to be used for lessons and by our preschool, after-school and camp programs.

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For more information, please contact Beverly S. Bachrach, MS,
Director of Philanthropy, at 954.434.0499, ext. 321 or


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