Sports & Wellness


We offer a variety of yoga classes to suit all ages and levels:

YOGA - ALL Levels: Let your instructor guide you to tone your muscles and increase flexibility and strength.

YOGA STRETCH: Using a chair for support, members increase flexibility and endurance while learning to relax and think more clearly.

AROMA YOGA: Try a new, rejuvenating approach to your yoga practice using pure, essential oils to enhance your Asana (postures).

CHAIR YOGA: A gentle form of yoga that is practiced sitting in a chair, or standing using a chair for support.

HOT YOGA: A challenging yet calming physical and mental workout that improves body awareness, healing, immune system, circulation, metabolism and digestion. It also promotes better sleep, has fabulous toning effects and gives you a cardio workout.

Hot Yoga Fees:
1 Class: Member $14 / Community $16
10 Classes: Member $120 / Community $140
20 Classes: Member $220 / Community $260

See the group exercise schedule for more info.