Coach FAQs

What are the age requirements to coach at the JCC Maccabi Games® & Access?

Head Coaches must be at least 21 years of age or older as of July 31, 2023. Assistant Coaches must be at least 19 years of age or older by that date.

Do I need to be Jewish to coach?

No, this is a community-wide program and everyone who meets the requirements is invited and encouraged to apply to be a coach.

What level of experience is required to be a coach?

All potential JCC Maccabi Games® coaches must have at least one year’s verifiable experience coaching youth/teens in their sport specialty area.

What will be the selection process for choosing coaches?

All potential coaches will have a personal interview with either the local Delegation Heads and/or JCC Maccabi Games® professional staff and be required to present at least two (2) personal references. The selection process will be based on a combination of coaching experience and expertise, the ability to positively relate to teenagers, and a complete understanding of what the expectations and responsibilities are for becoming fully involved and engaged with the JCC Maccabi Games® program.

How will the team selection process and practices work?

Teams will be selected thought a try-out process set by the JCC Maccabi Games® professional staff in consultation with coaches. Once teams are selected, coaches will set-up practice schedules. 

Are there fees involved?

No, all national and local fees are waived for all volunteer coaches.

Are there background checks for coaches?

Yes, all coaches are background checked as a part of the national registration process through NCSI and are green lighted upon successful completion. The NCSI background check system associated with the JCCA national registration process is the only one accepted for eligibility to become a credentialed JCC Maccabi Games® coach.

Do local coaches have stay in the official hotel during the week?

No, local coaches stay at their personal homes during the week of the JCC Maccabi Games® & Access and are encouraged to serve as Host Families for visiting athletes

Can Iocal coaches drive their personal vehicle during the week?

Local coaches are permitted to drive their personal vehicles to the David Posnack JCC hub site each day and park, and are then required to utilize the Games transportation system throughout the week. Local coaches are NOT permitted to drive their personal vehicles to any Games related activity. The only exception to this rule would be if the local coach was also serving as a Host Family, in this case, the local coach would be permitted to drive their personal vehicles to the evening social events in order to take their visitors back home at the conclusion of the evening.

What other responsibilities besides coaching do coaches have?

All local coaches are expected to serve as adult role models and provide on-going supervision of their athletes during all Games-related activities that occur throughout the entire week. Coaches may have to deal with injured or sick athletes, lost credentials or merchandise, inappropriate athlete and/or parent behavior, etc. etc. Coaches must be willing to take the entire week off and should consider themselves as coaches/chaperones for the entire week. Coaches should also be fully aware and understand the official JCC Maccabi Games® sports rules for their specific sports, as well as the concept of Rachmanus which is a central theme of the event.

 I have more questions, how do I get the answers?

Please contact 954.434.0499 ext. 314 or email FtLauderdaleMaccabi@dpjcc.org