Mania and Max Nudel Holocaust Learning Center

Dedicated in 1989, the Mania Nudel Holocaust Learning Center (MNHLC), was established to provide Holocaust education to the community. In the words of one of the founders, Paul Orlan: “ It will create and maintain an awareness in the community of the atrocities that were inflicted upon us. For only through education can we be sure that another holocaust never will happen to any people anywhere.”

The MNHLC was named and dedicated to the memory of Holocaust survivor Mania Nudel, mother of Dr. Jack Nudel, our first benefactor. The JCC, along with the Jewish Federation’s Office of Jewish Education, created a space to teach and research the history that led to and included the greatest catastrophic event of the 20th century.

In 2019, thanks to the generosity of Marcie and Laurence Gottlieb, the children of George Gottlieb- one of the community’s Holocaust survivors, and with Dr. Jack Nudel’s endowment, the David Posnack JCC has reimagined the MNHLC into the 21st century. Using the newest available technology the center is poised to engage a new generation who will take the lessons from the Holocaust to remember, educate and inspire them to reflect on their own responsibility as part of our community.

In 2021 the name was changed to the Mania and Max Nudel Holocaust Learning Center (MMNHLC)