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Giborim U

Enrichment Classes for Those with Special Needs

Giborim U LogoGiborim U Mission

Giborim U is a program for children, teens and adults with special needs.  Its catalog includes courses in fitness, the arts, sports, recreation, life skills and health and wellness. Participants will enrich their lives socially and behaviorally while gaining independence and communication skills, as they forge genuine connections to each other and the community.

 Background & History

Giborim campers participating in yoga with Dianne "Cookie" BilligThe David Posnack JCC's premier special needs summer camp, Camp Giborim, serves over 150 children and adults between the ages of 3 and up, regardless of ethnicity, race, or faith. Exceptional Theater Company Performance

The special needs population is experiencing a steady increase with a greater demand for a year-round program for youth and adults. The J, committed to working with this special population, developed Giborim U, a program offering enrichment classes from August through May; Sunday through Friday for both adults and youth.

Populations Served

Ages Served:

  • Ages 6 and up


  • Diagnosed with a developmental disability, including, but not limited to, autism spectrum disorder, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, Angelman syndrome, Smith-Magenis syndrome and other disabilities.
  • Ability to participate in small groups
  • Active engagement
  • Ability to stay with a group
  • Follow basic group instructions


  • Continuous physical aggression
  • Requires continuous one-on-one attention
  • Elopes/runs away
  • Continuous inappropriate language or behavior

Registration/Intake Process

Applicants must meet the DPJCC and Giborim U admissions’ requirements as determined by a completed intake process. Current Giborim campers and returning Gib U are pre-approved.

A discussion of class placement will take place during the intake process. To schedule an intake application by phone, call or email:

Following the intake process, participants will complete the Giborim U registration and payment form. Financial aid is available to those who qualify. Inquire during the intake process.

Membership at the J is not required to attend Giborim U.