Giborim Adult Program (G.A.P.)

Develop Employment Skills and Learning Opportunities

The David Posnack JCC has provided, for over 30 years, programs for children and adults with developmental disabilities beginning with our summer camp, Camp Giborim.  Later came Giborim U to offer enrichment classes throughout the school year and then GibConnect, a virtual program developed during the pandemic. 

Still recognizing additional needs in the community, the DPJCC is working on a new program, Giborim Adult Programs or G.A.P., to assist adults with employability skills, provide social, recreational and wellness opportunities and create relationships.  For ages 20 years and up, G.A.P. will go from August through June, Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

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 The mission of the Giborim Adult Program (G.A.P.) is to provide adults with developmental disabilities a unique experience that offers employment skills, learning and enrichment opportunities, which are individualized to meet the goals and needs of each participant, nurture their strengths, and facilitate meaningful activities which promote peer interactions and engage with community partners.   

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G.A.P. will be located on the campus of the David Posnack Jewish Community Center (DPJCC) in Davie, Florida. We will have individuals ages 20+ with developmental disabilities. G.A.P. dates are from August through June following the Broward County Public Schools and the DPJCC Jewish Holiday Calendars.

The hours are 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Participants will have busy daily schedules that include life skills, work-based learning, fitness opportunities, social experiences, recreational classes, and community outings.
l All G.A.P. program participants will get an annual DPJCC family membership*, which is included in the tuition.
l Optional lunch can be ordered from Sterling Kosher Catering..
l Participants may register for Giborim U afternoon enrichment classes and/or enroll to attend the Posnack Foundation Summer Camp Giborim. (for an additional fee).

* The membership includes the use of our sports, fitness and recreational facilities. You can enjoy any of our amenities including a state-of-the-art fitness center, aquatics, basketball, tennis, racquetball/handball, dance, yoga, indoor running/walking track, group training and so much more.

G.A.P. Tracks

We offer two program tracks to support the goals and needs of each individual.
The goal is to learn independent life skills, social-recreational and work-based skills geared toward activities of daily living. G.A.P. members will have opportunities to explore and identify their interests and cultivate individual strengths through on campus classes and training as well as off campus community trips.
Eligibility: Participants should be able to engage independently and behaviorally in an adult to staff ratio of 3 to 1.

The goal is to foster in-depth life skills focusing on instrumental activities of daily living in addition to vocational and employment training. Participants will have extensive work readiness training and career counseling. This track provides community work experiences multiple days per week that connect to and support the G.A.P. training.
Eligibility: Participants should be able to engage independently and behaviorally in an adult to staff ratio of 5 to 1.

Participants in both tracks: 
• Engage in enrichment classes in sports, health & wellness and the arts
• Attend weekly community outings, offering hands-on experiences that reinforce life skills and provide social and recreational opportunities
• Must be independent with self-care and restroom needs


  • Create lifelong skills and relationships
  • Enhance individual strengths
  • Develop employability skills
  • Provide social and recreational opportunities
  • Build a healthy lifestyle
  • Participate in fitness and wellness programs
  • Engage with community partners

DPJCC’s Giborim Programs

The DPJCC is recognized nationally for excellence in serving individuals with developmental disabilities by offering various programs benefitting the special needs community. The Posnack Foundation Camp Giborim has provided an outstanding recreational summer program for children, teens, and adults for the past 31 years.  In 2017, the award-winning Giborim U enrichment program was launched to offer courses in fitness, the arts, sports, recreation, life skills and health and wellness. Next, The GIB Shop was created in 2019 as a mobile gift shop with extraordinary goods sold by extraordinary people. The vision of the DPJCC continues with the opening of the new premier Giborim Adult Program in the fall of 2021.  

  •  Independent Living Skills: The development of skills for daily living will be fostered and encouraged. Individuals will participate in a variety of skills such as laundry, meal planning, budgeting, grocery shopping, household chores and personal safety.
  • Work-Based Learning: Work-Based Learning will focus on individual strengths, interests, and skills to explore a variety of employment options. It will combine training and interpersonal skills with the goal to gain practical work experience that may lead to an independent job, supported employment or a volunteer position.
  • Social-Recreational Learning: Friendship is the most significant factor contributing to a positive life experience with a sense of belonging. Our staff and participants will support each other to foster positive relationships within a supervised and active environment on and off campus. The participation in social and recreational activities promotes inclusion, health and fitness, and enhances overall well-being. 
  • Community Partners: The G.A.P. program will collaborate with local community partners such as colleges and universities, non-profit organizations and local businesses. We will work together to plan, set goals, and create an ongoing beneficial relationship for the community and the participants. Community support is crucial and must be created, shared, and celebrated by all.

Dates of G.A.P. Program and Tuition

• Dates of G.A.P Program: August 22, 2022 – June 8, 2023
 G.A.P. has an annual tuition of $26,500.
• Non-refundable G.A.P. registration fee of $250 is required and must be paid online at dpjcc.org/gap
• Billing: We bill you in 10 convenient monthly payments on the 10th of every month beginning August 10, 2022 and ending May 10, 2023.
• Complimentary DPJCC Family Membership is included in your tuition.
• A 3% discount will be given if tuition is paid in full by Friday, August 2, 2022.
• Financial assistance is available. Please email Lisa Lundy at LLundy@dpjcc.org or call 954-434-0499 ext. 202.
      o Financial assistance applications are due by July 11, 2022 and the online G.A.P. registration form with the $250 registration fee must be completed first.
      o The G.A.P. registration fee will be refunded only if financial assistance does not meet the needs of the family.
• Withdrawal from the G.A.P. program requires a 30 day written notice.
• Registration for GibConnect in-person or virtual classes is available for an additional fee(s).

G.A.P. After-Hours

GibConnect Enrichment Program 3- Class Package
G.A.P. participants can choose a 3:00, 4:00 and 5:00 pm class each day and receive a larger discount.  (Note: Fridays- no 5:00 pm classes)

Fees: $400/month (40% discount)
Call for other three class package options for 3-4 days/week.

To register for the G.A.P. Club or GibConnect, contact Lisa Lundy at llundy@dpjcc.org or 954-434-0499, ext. 202.