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Personal Training

Movie stars and athletes swear by them.  Would working with a personal trainer benefit you? Absolutely!
Trainers can help anyone, regardless of physical condition or age, get in and stay in shape.  A personal trainer will act as your coach, educator and cheerleader and will customize a program to fit your own personal needs. We have many qualified trainers to help you achieve your goals. Just select one, sign up and get in shape!

To schedule an appointment with a trainer, call 954-434-0499, ext. 105.

Ralph Ramirez

Ralph is an ASFA certified advanced personal trainer and fitness coach. His areas of expertise include strength training, weight loss, group classes and nutritional counseling. Ralph aims to bring health and wellness to those seeking to reach their ultimate fitness level. He believes that everyone has the potential to reach their maximum fitness goals and derives great satisfaction from providing the motivation, tools and knowledge necessary to achieve it.

Personal Training Rates

• 30-minute session - F $40 • Community: $50
• (10) 30-minute sessions - Members: $300 • Community: $390
• One-hour session - Members: $70 • Community: $90
• (10) one-hour sessions - Members: $500 • Community: $650
• One-hour couples session - Members: $100 • Community: $130
• 30-minute group session (3-6 people) - Members: $20 per person • Community: $25 per person
• One-hour group session (3-6 people) - Members: $30 per person • Community: $40 per person

Ysaac Kaplan

An athlete for as long as he can remember, Leading programs such as KidsFit, Weight loss, Endurance training, Parkinson’s, teen group training, Special needs, using state of the art technology to motivate participants. BMI, weight, and fat percentage assessments. Ysaac has a very high success rate in helping clients reach their physical goals. Ysaac says "the passion to help others in the fitness industry has and will always be my life."


• Trainer – National Council on Strength and Fitness
• TRX- training
• Spinning with Mad Dogg Spinning
• Spinning for kids with Mad Dogg Spinning
• First aid and CPR

Personal Training Rates

• One-hour Session - Members: $70 • Community: $90
• (10) 30-minute sessions – Members: $350 • Community $450
• (10) One-hour sessions - Members: $500 • Community: $650
• (20) One-hour sessions - Members: $900 • Community: $1,200
• Couples training add $20

Tracey Hecht
Tracey is a NASM certified personal trainer, AFAA certified group fitness instructor, RRCA certified running coach, and Schwinn certified indoor cycling instructor.  She comes to the JCC as a lifelong athlete turned marathoner with a previous career as an NCAA Division 1 athletic trainer.  Tracey continued to work out during 2 pregnancies and breast cancer treatment and returned  to running marathons after being declared cancer free.  She has the ability to modify your workouts to any fitness level while keeping in mind the need to listen to the body as well as push through hard tasks. Tracey will help you reach your fitness, strength, and wellness goals through a variety of disciplines.

Personal Training Rates

  • 30 min session- Members: $35, Community $45
    • 60 min session- Members: $60, Community $70
    • 10x 30 min - Members: $310, Community $410
    • 10x 60 min - Members: $550, Community $650
    • 30 min couple- Members: $50, Community $60
    • 60 min couple- Members: $75, Community $85
    • 1 hour small group (3-4)- Members: $25 pp, Community $35 pp

Clayton Stefanes

Clayton Stefanes is a NCSF certified personal trainer with over 20 years of experience. Clayton has been involved in fitness since he was a child playing soccer, volleyball, and Martial Arts (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu). After making weight training part of a healthy lifestyle, he was hooked. With close attention to form, technique and strong coaching skills, Clayton's passion for fitness impacts his clients each day. Clayton has a loyal base of clients who have transformed their bodies. Clayton uses a variety of exercises to ensure that he challenges his clients to reach their full potential. With a meticulously planned training regime uniquely designed for each client, Clayton will help you become strong and confident. If you are ready to start training or take your training to the next level Clayton can help!

Personal Training Rates

  • One-hour Session- Community: $70
  • (10) 30-minute sessions - Community: $350
  • (10) one-hour sessions - Community: $500
  • (20) one-hour sessions - Members: $960 • Community: $900
  • Couples training add $20


Donna Toft 

Donna is a certified personal trainer who will design and implement an exercise program tailored to the specific needs of her clients.  She has worked with teens, adults and seniors, including pregnant woman and individuals with distinct requirements related to particular health concerns.  Donna is also a certified group fitness trainer with experience across a wide range of classes offered at the JCC, including X-ZoneTMFitness, TRX, Strength Training and SilverSneakers classes.  She looks forward to putting both her own extensive practical experience and the latest training techniques and knowledge to work for your benefit. 


  • Certified Personal Trainer-NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine)
  • Certified Group Fitness Trainer -AFAA (Aerobic and Fitness Association of America)
  • CPR/AED- American Heart Association

Personal Training Rates:

  • 30 min individual sessions - Members $35, Community $45
  • (10) 30 min individual sessions - Members $300, Community $390
  • 1 hr individual sessions - Members $60, Community $70
  • (10) 1 hr individual sessions - Members $500, Community $600
  • 1 hr couples sessions - Members $80, Community $90
  • (10) 1 hr couples sessions - Members $650, Community $750
  • 1 hr small group sessions (3-6 people) - Members $30, Community $40

George Vinal

George is an NFPT Certified Trainer (National Federation of Personal Trainers) and Retired-Air Force Service member. He has a wide range of experience working with all types of individuals depending on their needs. He has worked with individuals with Parkinson's Disease, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis and Arthritis to name a few. He has also trained pregnant women and those with special needs. George has devised a program unique for those who are 12 years old to senior citizens. He has worked with athletes looking to improve their baseball/basketball/soccer skills, as well as non-athletes that have never been given a chance and have been stigmatized. Regardless of your fitness acumen, George will cater to your particular level. Geroge's goal is to make sure you start believing in yourself, while improving your fitness goals and exercising your mind to see that you attain them. 

Personal Training Rates:

  • 30 min individual sessions - Members $35, Community $40
  • 1 hr individual sessions - Members $70, Community $70
  • 30 min couples sessions - Members $60, Community $60
  • 1 hr couples sessions - Members $100, Community $100