Giborim U Instructors

Dianne Billig

Dianne Billig — Yoga

Dianne “Cookie” Billig has been teaching yoga and meditation to kids, including those with special needs, for the past nine years.  She teaches at schools, yoga studios, after-school programs, summer camps, and at private one-on-one sessions. 

Maritza DouglasMaritza Douglas — Culinary Arts

Maritza Douglas is a certified Wilton cake decorator and an experienced and knowledgeable chef who creates specialty desserts specifically to accommodate dietary needs palates and themes.  She enjoys the art of baking both vegan and non-vegan desserts — making a difference in people’s lives, one dessert at a time!  You will often find Maritza volunteering her time with special needs students at the Exceptional Theater Company.

Tara Evans — Artsy Craftsy

Tara Evans has worked as a lead preschool teacher, art specialist and sports coach at the J for 23 years. She has a child development associate degree in early childhood. Tara offers art therapy for the students to express themselves creatively and freely.

Max Fleischer — Exceptional Theater Company (ETC)

Max Fleischer is excited to join the ETC team this season and work with such a talented group of actors and instructors.  Max has volunteered with ETC in the past and his love for the theater and helping his community were the perfect ingredients for him to join the team and create many exceptional memories.  

Harrison Hunter — Karate

Sensei Harrison Hunter is a third-degree black belt and a member of the USA Goju Federation Karate. He teaches child and preschool karate at the DPJCC.

Ysaac Kaplan — Boxing

Ysaac Kaplan is a certified trainer with the National Council on Strength & Fitness, Mad Dogg Spinning and is certified in first aid and CPR. He enjoys helping people reach their physical goals. 



Christina Karcher —  Exceptional Theater Company (ETC)

Christina is ETC's class and event coordinator and an exceptional needs educator at a private academy for children with autism and other developmental disabilities.  She has been involved with the exceptional needs community as a volunteer in arts and education programs from a young age with her brother who has cerebral palsy.  

Andy Perez - Basketball

 Andy has been with the J since 2013 working with JHoops as a coach and scorekeeper.  He's coached children from grades 1 through 8 and children with special needs in summer camps and after-school programs. 

Kandice Rease —  Exceptional Theater Company (ETC)

Kandice Rease graduated from FAU with a bachelor's degree in psychology.  She aspires to be a school psychologist.  Kandice has worked with the special needs community almost 10 years and with ETC since April 2017.

 Evelyn Richard — The Magic of Music

In 2001 Evelyn Richard’s son was diagnosed with autism. She later enrolled him in the Exceptional Theater Company. She worked as a volunteer for ETC for two years before becoming a staff member in 2008.

Julie Sevilla — Swimming

Julie Sevilla, DPJCC aquatics coordinator, has over 27 years teaching experience in south Florida and has taught thousands of participants of every age to swim or overcome their fears in and around water. One of Julie's specialties is working with children with special needs, and she is certified in Adaptive Aquatics through the ISIA Institute. 

 Amy Simcox — Life Skills: Transition to
Adulthood, Life Skills: The Fundamentals

Amy Simcox began her career with special needs children at the Baudhuin Preschool. She earned a degree in child psychology with a minor in speech. Amy opened Little Flowers of Hope School for children with special needs to provide an appropriate learning environment for her son.

Jason SturaJason Stura — Basketball

Jason Stura began playing professional basketball at the age of 17 and continued to do so for more than 20 years.  Jason has been coaching youths for over eight years in both Italy and the USA.  He has spent the past five years coaching and training with DPJCC JHoops and runs an international basketball camp.

 Michael Thompson — Hip Hop Dance Party

Michael is an instructor and choreographer for Hip Hop Kidz with an extensive background in dance and working with children. Michael has been teaching for over 10 years.