Become a JCorporate Partner

At the J, our corporate partnership team will work closely with you and your team to develop a mutually beneficial partnership that can positively influence your business and our programs to make a greater social impact. Dynamic partnerships are vital; corporations that partner with the J find it a rich and rewarding experience. The J serves all people regardless of faith, ethnicity, age, or ability; through partnerships, we can maximize the delivery of our programs and services uplifting the lives of those we serve.

We foster a caring environment; our goal is to create customized, strategic, and sustainable collaborations with our corporate partners. We know that successful partnerships combine both business and philanthropic goals. Once we understand your objectives, we tie our partnership efforts back to your goals. We offer various support options so you can have the most significant impact and truly make a difference; these include program and event sponsorships, employee engagement, cause-related marketing, media partnerships, corporate foundation grants, and in-kind support.

Many of our partners choose to direct their sponsorship to a specific J program or event that directly meets their corporate goals. For example, numerous partners have provided funding for our JPrograms:  children & family, adults, special needs, or cultural arts. In the past, partners have also chosen to support our special events.

When your employees participate in the J’s team building and volunteer opportunities, you can be confident the time and talent they give helps strengthen our community. Practicing corporate social responsibility improves employee productivity and retention. When employees are engaged in giving back through their workplace, they develop an increased focus on teamwork and leadership, improving their performance.

Strategic short-term cause-related programs benefit the J while offering companies marketing tools to reach their target market, linking them to the J’s mission based on the principle of enriching lives by connecting people.

Through print media, radio, and television public service announcements, on outdoor, digital kiosks, or through other media, media partners can help to promote and to raise awareness and support from the public—another vital means of support.

Corporate foundations seeking to reach our constituency can join other generous donors and provide grant support for the J.

Your products or services can make a tremendous impact on our work. In-kind donations from travel experiences to computers to the professional in-sights your company offers can provide vital in-kind support that enables our work on behalf of the communities we serve and aligns your brand with our constituency. 

For more information on the JCorporate Partners Program, please contact: 
Rixys Alfonso, Corporate Partnership Consultant
Tel: 305.558.8877 or rixys@causemomarketing.com