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Just as David Posnack left his legacy, you too, have the power to transform lives and the ability to shape our community. 

The Broward County Jewish community is participating in the LIFE & LEGACY™ partnership program of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation. It is sponsored by the Jewish Federation of Broward County and its Community Foundation. The purpose of this community-wide initiative is to build a sustainable Broward Jewish community by promoting after-lifetime giving benefiting Jewish day schools, synagogues, social service organizations and other Jewish entities. You may also designate your gift to any other organization that is important to you.



Growing up in Atlanta in the ’60s and '70s one could always find me either at the AJCC (Atlanta Jewish Community Center) or in the summers at Camp Coleman (UAHC) in Cleveland, GA. I enjoyed the sports and BBG and the Jewish community in a city that was not known at that time for having a lot of Jews. My parents made donations to both the AJCC and Camp Coleman. They wanted to ensure there would be a place for their kids to go and meet other Jewish kids and feel safe. I felt so proud to see our family name on a plaque by one of the doors when I walked by. We were not a very religious family, however, I did learn all the Jewish songs, prayers, and traditions through Camp Coleman…… I made lifelong friendships at both the AJCC and Camp Coleman.

Times change and South Florida in the 21st century is very different than Atlanta in the 1960s and ’70s! However, the seeds were sewn and I felt the responsibility and need to do my part by donating not only today but by also leaving legacy gifts to the two places that mean the most to me and helped to shape my childhood. My kids attended and participated in activities at the David Posnack JCC and they all went to Camp Coleman when they were younger. I want to help ensure the future of these beautiful places in hopes of having my grandkids also attend and make forever friends as I did.

My kids feel the same pride that I once did when they walk through the DPJCC and see our family name by the racquetball courts. It is a reflection of our values to give back to help others, to connect with people, and be part of a greater community through educational, social, recreational, and cultural programs. We are proud to be members of the DPJCC and hope to stay involved for many many years to come." 
   Twenty-five years ago we joined the DPJCC for the primary purpose of sending our children to preschool. We soon learned that it was more than just a top school, and we began to take advantage of the swimming pool on the weekends, the fitness center and its classes, the diverse cultural events as well as the many children’s after-school enrichment activities . The Center’s motto of “enriching lives by connecting people” has rung true for us throughout the years, as some of our and our children’s closest friends are those that we have met at the DPJCC. We chose to participate in the Life & Legacy program so that we can play a part in ensuring that future generations have the opportunity to benefit, as we did, from this special and unique sense of community provided by our J!
   As a lay leader of the David Posnack JCC, I welcomed the opportunity for our center to participate in the Grinspoon Foundation's Life and Legacy program which has provided proven support and training to help Jewish organizations across North America secure pre-planned after-life gifts to build endowments. I believe that the connection between an agency’s past, present and future should be a continuous upward journey. Funding to ensure the life of the organization for now and for future generations is essential to long-term thriving.  A legacy gift is a meaningful way to step up to the plate as a leader and be a part of this impactful process.

 I have been a part of the David Posnack JCC Family since the beginning and have fond memories. My parents have been very involved.   My father was president of the J from 1986-1988 and my family donated the Orlove Auditorium. I feel very strongly about my Jewish heritage which my parents and grandparents instilled in me.

As the Board Chair of the DPJCC, I am incredibly proud of the hard work and passionate DPJCC staff and Board. I have seen the skills, time, and dedication they give to support the DPJCC vision of enriching lives and connecting people. My LIFE & LEGACY commitment will help future Boards and staff members to continue this agency’s important work. One never really knows what needs there will be in the future. This statement has certainly been proven by the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. Even in normal times, we know there will be people who need food including fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, occasional treats, and household staples. There will be people who are lonely and crave a smiling face from a friendly visitor or an afternoon out with others. Some will need counselors to help them navigate life’s many challenges. It is my dream that every person in our community will always know that the DPJCC community “has his or her back” and is available to offer support for his or her needs. I am an enthusiastic LIFE & LEGACY donor. I hope my enthusiasm will be contagious so that others in our community will join those of us who are already LIFE & LEGACY donors in providing dollars for many years into the future. The DPJCC community will be blessed by going from strength to strength.

Leadership is about keeping an eye on the horizon, focusing on the future of our community, and motivating others to share that vision. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to inspire involvement and build connections toward a bright Jewish future for my children, eventually my grandchildren, and generations to come. It’s important to me as a family to be engaged Jewishly.  I want to maintain that legacy, and legacy giving ensures a vibrant future for our Jewish community. We are a community of individuals, but it is this institution that is the beating heart of the community. It is my responsibility to ensure that the organization that I have been so dedicated to and is the second home to my children is able to continue to work into the future.

Making a legacy gift to the DPJCC not only helps secure a Jewish future for later generations but also demonstrates to our children, Evan and Reese, what values are most important. It was essential for us to reinforce to them what it means to us to be Jews, and what Judaism meant to our parents and our parent's parents. We have emphasized to them why it is important for us to have children and grandchildren who value the Jewish heritage — and why we find it especially important to support a strong Jewish presence in our community.  A legacy gift is a lasting investment in our Jewish community. It helps to ensure that the DPJCC will be viable for future generations.


  • Bequests: Make a donation to the J while preserving your assets during your lifetime. A gift may be a dollar amount, a specific asset, a percentage or the remainder of your estate once all other bequests have been satisfied.

  • Charitable Trusts: You can leave a donation to the J through a charitable remainder or lead trust by naming the J as the beneficiary. 

  • Life Insurance Policies: Designate the J as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy and if ownership of a policy is transferred to the J during your lifetime, receive an income tax charitable deduction.

  • Retirement Plans: Designate the J as an after-death beneficiary of your IRA or other qualified retirement plans and make a tax-free estate gift.

  • Alternative Assets: Donations can be received in the form of a residence-real property, charitable gift annuity, cash or other assets.

  • Charitable Gift Annuities: This gift generates an immediate tax deduction and part of each annual payment that you receive my be tax free for a number of years.

  • Charitable Lead Trusts: Through a lead trust, the J is allowed to use your gift immediately while reserving future benefits for family members.

  • Stock & Appreciated Assets: This gift, including appreciated shares of mutual funds, may be made at a remarkable low after-tax cost




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