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Personal Group Training with Ralph Ramirez
Groups from two-six people
Individual attention with group accountability
Systematic workout plan
Two sixty minute weekly sessions

To register, contact Ralph Ramirez at rramirez@dpjcc.org.


JFIT Tips, Myths & Ideas

Episode 8
We're back with our first episode of 2016 and Ralph and Jenna break down a few exercises you can do at the gym OR at home to help build your triceps. AKA ditch the "flab" on the arms.

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Previous Episodes

Episode 7
ProfessorFit introduces us to our TRX® Silver Class. Join us every Friday at 1:15 p.m. for this introductory class designed for the young at heart!

Episode 6
Ralph gives a good piece of advice to curb over eating during Holiday meals.

Episode 5
Ralph gives us a peak into one of the J's new fitness classes "Power Circuit."

Episode 4
Ralph breaks down the "lunge" with Danielle. You can shake up your work out by holding weights by your side to increase the intensity of your lunges.

Episode 3
Ralph gives us some insightful information about calorie misconceptions.

Episode 2
Ralph gives us some quick nutrition tips.

Episode 1
Introducing Ralph Ramirez, our new Sports & Wellness Assistant Director of Fitness.